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Here are a few sites that you might find interesting or useful.


An online memorial listing burials around the U.S.

Detroit, Michigan

Tour Lowell Boileau's Classic Ruins of Detroit (and see what became of the factories and buildings where your ancestors lived & worked -- the Ford Model T plant, Studebaker plant, Hudsons, Michigan theatre, and others...) New tours & webisodes include: Eastside Detroit Driveabout, St. Stanislaus Rises from the Ruins, Guilded Age of Detroit Revisited, Ferry St. Restorations, Cass & New Center Restorations, Brush Park 2000, and many others.

Fascinating photos and articles about the Detroit of yesteryear from the Detroit News. 

For A Virtual Tour of Your Ancestor's Old Hamtramck, visit the Detroit Area Polonia and the City of Hamtramck Genealogical Website. There are also links to  Detroit Catholic Church and cemetery records, Eastside Polonia, Westside Polonia, and other useful info.



If you have ancestors from Fanano, Italy, be sure to check out the Querciagrossa Homepage This enormous family has intermarried with the many other lines from the Fanano area. A few surnames include: BARTALINI, BAZZANI, BERTONI, BIOLCHINI, BONUCCI, BONVICINI, BORTOLOTTI, CERVI, CHIAPELLI, CHILETTI, CIONI, FERRARI, GALLI, GARAVAGLIA, GASPERONI, GROSSA, LACCHINI, LORENZI, MONTRESTELLI, PASINI,  PATAROZZI, POLLACCI, POMATTO, SABOTTA, SERAFINI, ZUCCARINI, The site also includes a map and photos of Fanano.


For those researching ancestors in Kujawsko-Pomorskie province, this is a useful site featuring links to information and maps.




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