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German ancestors and their descendants

GERMAN ancestors came from Kettenburg, Ottigen, and Visselhovede in Lower Saxony (formerly known as Kingdom of Hannover) and settled in Henry County, Ohio in 1847.  Surnames include: BADENHOP, BENIEN, DELVENTHAL, DREWES, EIKHOFF, FEDDERKE, FREYTAG, HAFFERMAN, HELBERG, IMBROCK, MEIER, PRIGGE, VOIGHT.

Special thanks to Lucille Sunderman who did most of the research.

Generation No. 1

Hans Hinrich Drewes was born in 1768 in Germany. He married Anna Ilsa Voight. They had one known child:

Generation No. 2

Anton Wilhelm Drewes was born May 13, 1806 in Ottingen Hanover Germany, and died September 18, 1884 in Napolean Township, Henry County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Badenhop on May 18, 1838 in St. Johannes Ev.,-Lutheran Church in Visselhovede, Germany.  Elizabeth Badenhop, the daughter of Cord Hinrich Badenhop and Elvena Dorothea Eikhoff, was born on August 15, 1817 in Kettenburg, Hanover, Germany. She died April 22, 1859 in Adams Township, Defiance County, Ohio. After her death, Anton Wilhelm Drewes married Engel Meier on June 21, 1860.

Anton Wilhelm Drewes and Elizabeth Badenhop had the following children:

Anton Wilhelm Drewes and Engel Meier had one child:

Generation No. 3

Heinrich Drewes was born October 15, 1844 in Visselhovede Hanover Germany; died February 10, 1931 in Napolean, Ohio. He married Wilhelmina Freytag on November 30, 1869 & Sophia Imbrock on May 12, 1881. They had the following children:


Anna Cathrine Maria Drewes was born March 14, 1848 in Napolean, Ohio; died July 27, 1919. She married Christopher Helberg on November 17, 1865. They had the following children:


Mary Drewes was born September 15, 1850 in Napolean, Ohio; died December 18, 1929. She married Henry Fedderke on April 4, 1873. They had the following children:


Dietrich Drewes was born March 8, 1853 in Napolean, Ohio; died May 12, 1898. He married Catherine Prigge on February 15, 1877. They had the following children:

Does anyone know the identity of this couple? Could it be Charles Drewes, Dietrich's second son? Does anyone know who the woman is?

Friederick Drewes was born September 25, 1855 in Napolean, Ohio; died September 12, 1910. He married Anna Marie Benien on April 25, 1880. He married Katherine Delventhal on May 5, 1898. With his first wife, Friedrick Drewes had the following children:      With the second wife, he had the following children:


John Frederick Drewes was born June 10, 1858 in Napolean, Ohio; died June 30, 1946. He married Dorothea Prigge on April 24, 1884. They had the following children:

Generation No. 4

Ferdinand Drewes (aka Fred Dravis)  Detroit, 1914

Ferdinand Johan Drewes (aka Ferd/Fred Dravis) was born March 16, 1890 in Henry County, Ohio; died November 20, 1942 in Detroit, Michigan. He married Marie Opalewski on August 18, 1913. They were divorced. He later married Olga Hafferman in 1921.

Ferdinand Drewes and Marie Opalewski had one child:

Ferdinand Drewes and Olga Hafferman had the following children:

The above children were all born in Detroit, Michigan.


Theodore Heinrich Drewes was born January 26, 1888 in Henry County, Ohio; died January 1, 1962 in Michigan. He married Alice Moore. They had the following child:


Frank Christopher Drewes was born April 28, 1892 in Henry County, Ohio; died March 29, 1981 in Michigan. He married Elizabeth Peterson. They had the following children:

Generation No. 5 

Irene Drewes, aka Clark, winner of the Detroit Times Gold Skates Derby 

Irene Barbara Drewes/Dravis was born January 14, 1914 in Detroit, Michigan, and died November 7, 1940 in Detroit.  She married Aldo Galletti (son of Ciro Galletti and Augusta Giacomelli) on February 3, 1934 in Detroit.

Irene Drewes was a speed skater in her school days and won many awards.  At age 17, skating under her stepfather's name of "Clark", she won the Detroit Times Gold Skates Derby. She died of complications from a ruptured appendix at the age of 24.

Irene Drewes & Aldo Galletti had one child:

Irene Drewes Galletti and son Eldon in 1938.


Irene and Eldon a few months before her untimely death.

In 2001, Lucille Sunderman wrote me that she had 2039 individuals in her Drewes Family database which included 1439 families.  So the descendants of Hans Hinrich Drewes  and  Anna Ilsa Voight number in the thousands! A few surnames include: Behnfeldt, Bockelman, Broyles, Conway, Coressel, Davis, DeMars, Dravis, Drewes, Eikhoff, Freytag, Galletti, Germann, Glomb, Henderson, Hoops, Jungman, Mattison, Meyer, Michaelis, Miller, Mueller, Nettath, Oberhaus, Reiser, Rosebrook, Sanford, Seedorf, Schwiebert, Skurda, Smith, Vanderslice, Wichman. Descendants are scattered throughout the U.S.

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