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Fellow researcher, Milan Huba, copied the following extract by hand from an old Hungarian history book:

An anonymous medieval historian lists the seven leaders of the Hungarian tribes that invaded the plains in 896 as Arpad, Elod, Kundu, Ond, Tas, Huba, and Teleuj.  Huba's tribe eventually occupied the territory between the Danube and Balaton on the rivers Marcal and Raba.  The village named Hobaj was originally inhabited by the Huba's tribe.  The Huba tribe is the origin of the famous Szemere family.  The Szemere family is mentioned as being descended from Duke Huba who in the year 1000AD lived in Gyor on the Danube River.  The families Huba and Szmere are also mentioned being in the area of northern Komarom megje (Kormarno).

Milan Huba's comments:

"I did not research any of this material any further.  The spellings of some of the names may be wrong as my handwriting is not that clear. I do know that Gyor is in Hungary near the Slovakian border and Komarno is just across the river (border) in Slovakia.  I also know that the area mentioned is lowland that was later invaded by the Mongols and then still later by the Turks.  Peoples who lived in this area fled north into the mountains to escape the invasions which would explain the presence of Hubas in Liptov county."

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