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Slovak ancestors 

from Liskova and Ludrova 

in Liptov county


Generation No. 1

Mathias Huba was born circa 1820 in Ludrova, Slovakia. Click here for HUBA history. He married Maria Domenik, also from Ludrova, on November 25, 1844. 

They had the following children:     

The above children were all born in Ludrova.

Generation No. 2

Anna Huba (daughter of Mathias Huba & Maria Domenik) was born in Ludrova on November 24, 1856. She married Carolus Pudis of Liskova on January 22, 1877. 

They had the following children:

Generation No. 3

Monica Pudis was born May 1, 1879 in Slovakia. She married John Piroch. They had the following children:


Maria Pudis was born March 27, 1882 in Ludrova, Slovakia. She married Stephan Janci (son of Joseph Janci and Anna Mider) circa 1901.  They had the following children:


Philomena Pudis was born in Liskova on October 17, 1890. She married Thomas Chovanec. They had the following children:

Generations No. 4 & 5

Numerous other descendants of Mathias Huba and Maria Domenik can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada under the surnames:   Ainslie, Burke, Clement, Colburn, Ford, Galletti, Griess, Halmo, Huff, Janci, Motko, Nettath, Piroch, Posega, Scott, Seitz, Tarcha, Telley, Valiant, Wojtkowski, Zahuranic, Ziroe.

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